Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

MEDIA DO bases its business on the concept of digital distribution of written works in order to fulfill its mission of unleashing a virtuous cycle of literary creation and achieve its vision of “More Content for More People!”. To achieve this, we need to fully capitalize on the growth and potential of our people. These efforts must be supported by the foundation formed from the business infrastructure, expertise, experience, and corporate culture we have cultivated thus far. Acting in accordance with this basic policy, we will seek to create environments that allow all employees to achieve independence and demonstrate their growth and potential as they take the initiative in tackling new challenges.

Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy

Origin of the Company Name

All value created in society is the product of the union of forms of value that would not have come together otherwise.

MEDIA DO’s name encapsulates the Company’s desire to become a medium that unites forms of value that would not have come together otherwise and thereby make ongoing contributions to the evolution and development of society.

MEDIA DO aims to be an ever-present organization that continues to contribute to society while adapting to contemporary trends and changes.

Corporate Creed

Growth and Potential

All people have limitless potential and can grow with time.
The passage of time is equal for everything.
This passage makes us aware of our own growth and equally aware of the great potential of others.

At MEDIA DO, we vow to respect our colleagues, value them, and find joy in their growth and potential.
We believe that this spirit of comradery will strengthen our organization and help us to accomplish the impossible.

MEDIA DO will continue to grow so long as its people grow.
By growing and adapting in any era, we will contribute to society.

Corporate Logo

Design The vertical lines in MEDIA DO’s corporate logo represent each of our employees as they exercise independence in how they think, create, and act. The orange line in the middle is meant to represent the viewer. The lines stretching upward on either side symbolize our employees, as they take our corporate philosophy to heart and grow together with the viewer while being supported by those around them. People live while supporting one another. This is the reason why it is so important for us to treasure our relationships and communication with others and our colleagues, who work together with us. The growth achieved by the independent viewer and the employees that support them will unlock limitless potential. This is the meaning encapsulated in the design of MEDIA DO’s corporate logo.

Corporate Colors It is said that all life originates from the ocean, which would make the ocean the source of all knowledge. The ocean is not only our point of origin, it is also the venue through which diverse goods and ideas are transported by ships with wind in their sails. The sky, meanwhile, envelops the entire world. The sun provides us with warmth to nurture things and ideas. Our corporate colors are navy blue, sky blue, and orange. Navy blue symbolizes the ocean and sky blue portrays the sky while orange represents the curiosity of people—the sun that fosters knowledge.