Privacy Statement

Company Name MEDIA DO Co., Ltd.
Individual responsible for managing personal information protection Personal information protection manager, Executive Officer and CIO
Tel: 03-6212-5113
Purposes of Use Personal information collected by MEDIA DO is only used for the following purposes.

Personal Information Received from Individuals Seeking Employment at the Company

  • Recruitment screening procedures
  • Inquiry response

Personal Information of Employees

  • Human resource management procedures
  • Compensation management procedures
  • Unemployment insurance and health insurance procedures
  • Inquiry response
  • Public relations inside and outside company

Personal Information Collected in Relation to Services

  • Inquiry and question response
  • Supply of requested services
  • Provision of information on MEDIA DO services

Personal Information Contained in eBooks

  • Use for eBook wholesaling and eBook production support services
Provision to Third Parties MEDIA DO will not provide collected personal information to third parties except in the following circumstances.
  • When consent is received from the individual in question
  • When required by law
  • When such provision is necessary to protect the people’s lives, bodily safety, or assets but it is difficult to receive consent from the individual in question
  • When such provision is necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy development of youths but it is difficult to receive consent from the individual in question
  • When such provision is necessary for a national or municipal government agency or a subcontractor thereof to perform legally required duties and the act of receiving consent from the individual in question would impede these duties
  • When information is to be provided to a third party for joint use purposes as described in “Joint Use of Personal Information” below.
Joint Use of Personal Information The MEDIA DO Group seeks to improve its overall corporate value by organically merging the management resources of Group companies to deliver high-value-added services to customers. To this end, the Group conducts joint use of personal information collected from customers. Purposes for this joint use include the sale and provision of services and products as well as the issuance of notifications to individuals seeking employment at the Group. The joint use of personal information adheres to items 1. to 5. below.

1. Scope of Companies Engaging in Joint Use of Personal Information

MEDIA DO Group companies and their consolidated subsidiaries as described in their annual securities reports

2. Purposes for Joint Use of Personal Information

[Product and Service Related]
  • Sale and provision of products and services
  • Provision of after-sales, maintenance, repair, and other services pertaining to products and services and related activities
  • Provision of information on product and service campaigns, other events, new products, product updates, etc.
  • Provision of information on seminars and exhibitions held or sponsored by MEDIA DO
  • Product and service surveys and other market research and analytical activities
  • Response to customer inquiries and requests and provision of related information
[Recruitment Related]
  • Response to recruitment-related inquiries and subsequent notifications
  • Contact with individuals seeking employment at the Company (e.g., adjustment of interview dates, notification of results, inquiries, etc.)
  • Reference for screening to determine compatibility with skillset requirements
  • Collection of statistics for future recruitment activities
  • Basic reference for managing employment after hiring decision

3. Scope of Joint Use of Personal Information

[Product and Service Related] Name, company name, address, employer/school, job title, telephone number, fax number, E-mail, and information provision history [Recruitment Related] Name, address, telephone number, E-mail, birthdate, gender, educational background (school, major, etc.), career history (jobs, employers, etc.), qualifications, licenses, skillsets, and other information collected during recruitment process

4. Methods of Collecting Personal Information for Joint Use

Documents, internet, email, etc.

5. Individual Responsible for Joint Use of Personal Information

MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. Personal information protection manager, Director, Vice President, and COO
Provision for Contracted Services The Company sometimes provides personal information to third parties to enable them to perform contracted services in order to fulfill the aforementioned purposes of use. In these cases, personal information will not be used for purposes other than those indicated above.
Discretion of Information Provision Individuals provide personal information to the Company at their own discretion. However, deficiencies or errors in the information provided could impact the Company’s ability to supply the desired services.
Disclosure of Personal Information For requests for notification of purposes of use, disclosure, revision, deletion, or cessation of use or provision of personal information, please download the information disclosure request form and send it, together with the necessary documents and fees, to the address listed below. When requesting disclosure of personal information, please confirm to the “Handling of Personal Information during Disclosure” section of the information disclosure request form.
Fees For requests for notification of purpose of use or disclosure of personal information, requesters are asked to pay a fee of \1,000 (tax included) per request. Please include a fixed-amount postal money order in the amount of \1,000 with the documents to be sent to the Company. Notification will be provided in the case of deficiencies in fee payments. If deficiencies are not paid within one week of notification, your request will be cancelled.
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  • 5F/8F, PALACESIDE Bldg., 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003, Japan
  • TEL: 
  • 03-6212-5113
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  • Personal Information Protection Manager, MEDIA DO Co., Ltd.