Our Business

The MEDIA DO Group aspires to popularize written works through distribution in the form of eBooks and other digital content, to make the largest possible contribution to the growth of the entire publishing industry. For this reason, we are developing businesses that support the creation and sale of such works while providing information and services to promote increased readership of these works.

Strengths Cultivated since MEDIA DO’s Foundation

The MEDIA DO Group’s core eBook distribution business has a rare position in the publishing industry as a wholesaler. By capitalizing on this position and on the expertise and cutting-edge technologies amassed thus far, we can provide comprehensive distribution support.

  • Core distribution functions
  • Global presence
  • Dominating share
  • Industry support
  • Exceptional development capabilities
  • One-stop service for system and data management and other services
Gross transaction value *1
Gross transaction value
Total managed campaigns (annual)
Gross transaction valueTotal managed campaigns
Domestic eBook
distribution market share *1
Domestic eBook distribution market share
Ability to conduct transactions
Ability to conduct transactions
Engineer team
Engineer team
Only Asian company to dispatch an employee to serve as co-chair
of the Publishing Business Group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) *2
In-house development of all core systems
These range from eBook distribution platforms to new platforms using blockchain technologies.
Amount of content supplied through eBook distribution system
Approx. 800 million files per month
Development of blockchain platform capable of processing
more than 7,000 transactions a second
The only Japanese company introduced among four blockchain examples
at global re:Invent 2020 event of Amazon Web Services *3
*1 Source: Calculation by the Company based on eBook Marketing Report 2021 on Japanese Market, Impress Research Institute
*2 Organization promoting international standardization of internet technologies
*3 Amazon Web Services is a trademark of Amazon.com, Inc., and its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

eBook Distribution Business

Contribution to a virtuous cycle of literary creation through support for content creators, publishers, distributors, users, and all other stakeholders.

eBook Distribution Business
Functions provided through eBooks wholesale
Process coordination between publishers and eBook distributors ・Individual contract intermediation between publishers and eBook distributors
・Contract digital data verification services for individual eBook distributors
Integrated management of sales,
eBook uploads, and other data
· Coordination of data received from publishers with eBook distributors
· Integrated management of aggregated sales reports (increased accounting efficiency)
· Tracking and provision of information on trends in book sales by eBook distributors (provision of publisher dashboard programs)
Formation of relationships with eBook distributors and sales promotion campaigns · Provision of information on best-selling works to eBook distributors
· Proposal of sales promotion campaigns (price reductions, discounts, etc.) to maximize sales opportunities to eBook distributors (campaign management)
Digital Library

MEDIA DO has formed a strategic business alliance with OverDrive, Inc., of the United States. With this alliance, we provide a platform through which library users can search for, borrow, view, and return eBooks from domestic and overseas publishers allied with either company over the internet.
This digital library service promotes the distribution of wisdom from throughout Japan by removing the physical barriers and usage time and other limitations faced by library users while also reducing the space and operating cost requirements of libraries.

Publisher Support (Picassol、PUBRID、NetGalley)

MEDIA DO provides various services for supporting publishing cultures. Examples of these services include Picassol, which supports efficient document editing and proofreading; PUBRID, which proposes a new form of publishing that better matches diversifying reader needs; and NetGalley, a promotion support solution that links publishers with influential readers.

Other Businesses (Group Companies)


    A joint venture company with major Tokushima-based system integrator TEC INFORMATION CORP. This company is charged with performing various systems development and operation tasks on behalf of the MEDIA DO Group

  • Flier Inc.Flier Inc.
  • Flier Inc.

    Provision of the flier content summary service

  • MyAnimeList Co., Ltd.MyAnimeList Co., Ltd.
  • MyAnimeList Co., Ltd.

    Operation of the globally top-tier MyAnimeList community website focused on Japanese anime and comics

  • JIVE Ltd.

    Development of NEXT F girl’s comic label and other next-generation publishing models and imprint businesses

  • Nagisa,Inc.Nagisa,Inc.
  • Nagisa,Inc.Website

    Operation of the manga app ZEROCOMI and the video distribution app ONSTAGE which specialized 2.5-dimensional and voice actors

  • NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.Website

    Publication and sale of books and magazines

  • Everystar Co., Ltd.Website

    Operation of the novel posting website EVERYSTAR, production of making books and media production, publication of eBooks and other publishing-related businesses.


    Provision of digital comic coloring and comic production support services

  • J-Comic Terrace CorporationJ-Comic Terrace Corporation
  • J-Comic Terrace CorporationWebsite

    Operation of Manga Library Z free digital comic distribution service and other eBook distribution businesses

  • Media Do InternationalMedia Do International
  • Media Do International, Inc.

    Fulfillment of the MEDIA DO Group’s business mission and expansion of business opportunities for creators on a global scale

  • Quality Solutions, Inc.Quality Solutions, Inc. / Firebrand Technologies
  • Quality Solutions, Inc.Website
    Firebrand TechnologiesWebsite

    Conduct of publishing workflow management and bibliographic information management services

  • NetGalley, LLCNetGalley, LLC
  • NetGalley, LLC

    Operate the NetGalley website, which is a web marketing tool for books