Management Team


Yasushi Fujita

Representative Director, President and CEO

Yasushi Fujita

Launched first business in 1994 while in university. Established Fuji Techno in 1996 and MEDIA DO in 1999 (the former was merged into the latter in Nov. 2001). Involved in various businesses before launching eBook distribution business in 2006. Listed MEDIA DO on TSE Mothers Market in 2013, moved its listing to TSE 1st Section in 2016, and became TSE PRIME Market in April 2022. As CEO, he is in charge of management strategy, particularly creation of new drivers of shareholder value.
Established Tokushima Innovation Base Association in 2020 in aim of supporting entrepreneurs and serves as its representative director. Actively involved in local economic revitalization since 2013 in hometown of Kito-mura (now Naka-cho), Tokushima Prefecture, while also contributing to society as an entrepreneur in roles such as president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Tokyo.

Shin Niina

Director, Vice President, and COO

Shin Niina

Began career at Chuokoronsha (now Chuokoron-Shinsha) in 1980. Hired by KADOKAWA SHOTEN (now KADOKAWA CORPORATION) in 1996. Promoted to general manager of its book business in 2003. Appointed managing director of KADOKAWA SHOTEN in 2007, representative director of KADOKAWA EDITORIAL in 2008, director of BOOK WALKER in 2012 and executive director of Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation in 2013. Appointed president/representative director of DPIJ (renamed MEDIA DO in March 2019) in 2014. Has served as vice president/COO/board director of MEDIA DO since 2018. Appointed representative director of anti-piracy organization Authorized Books of Japan in 2020.
Heads core eBook distribution business and publishing support business as COO, capitalizing on his many years of literary editorial experience and quarter century of experience in digital publishing. Acts as MEDIA DO’s point man in dealings with publishing industry.

Atsushi Mizoguchi

Director and CRO*

Atsushi Mizoguchi

Began career at NTT DOCOMO in 2000, working in its content business. Involved in launching “Chaku-uta” (musical ringtones) for i-mode handsets. Joined MEDIA DO in 2008. Appointed operating officer/general manager of Sales Division in 2010, board director/general manager of Business Development Division in 2016, group COO in 2017, representative director of subsidiary MyAnimeList, LLC. (currently MyAnimeList Co., Ltd.) in 2019 and CBDO in charge of new businesses and alliances in June 2020. Appointed director/CRO in March 2023.
As CRO, leads development of new domestic and overseas markets and expansion of content offerings, capitalizing on his IT and mobile telecom expertise and broad experience in core eBook distribution business, eLibrary business and new businesses.
* CRO:Chief Relationship Officer

Hiroshi Kanda
Director, CSO and CFOHiroshi Kanda

Began career in 2008 in UBS Securities Japan’s Investment Banking Division, where his roles included advising clients on M&A and capital raising. Hired by Frontier Management in 2009 to formulate and help execute business plans for B2C company turnarounds/management support. In 2013, cofounded and appointed Director/CFO of Flier, which became part of the MEDIA DO Group in 2016. Joined MEDIA DO in 2018. Appointed general manager of Corporate Planning Division in 2019 and executive officer/CSO in charge of management strategy formulation and IR in 2020. Appointed director/CSO & CFO in May 2022.
As CSO & CFO, he is responsible for formulating and executing financial / corporate / ESG strategies, and reconciling various stakeholders’ interests, capitalizing on his extensive financial knowledge, consulting skills and entrepreneurial experience. Has authored multiple books.

Kayoko Hanamura
Director, CBO*Kayoko Hanamura

Began career at Forside in 2000. Worked in content business throughout tenure at Forside, including as general manager, executive officer and director. Since joining MEDIA DO in 2015, has been involved in all facets of eBook distribution business as executive officer. Appointed CEDO mainly in charge of wholesaling operations within core eBook distribution business in June 2020. Appointed Senior Executive Officer ; eBook Distribution Business in June 2022. Appointed Director, CBO since May 2023.
As CBO, she is responsible to tap into her extensive experience in content businesses to build operational model encompassing entire eBook distribution business from planning through IT operations management while identifying unmet needs of publishers and book retailers.
* CBO:Chief Business Officer

Outside DirectorAyako Kanamaru

Registered as attorney at law and joined Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners in 2006. Appointed partner of Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners (current position) in 2016, and Outside Auditor of CDG Co., Ltd. (current position) in 2020. Appointed Outside Director of MEDIA DO since 2021.
Provides pertinent advice from the viewpoint of risk management and governance based on these knowledge and experience, and effective supervision of the management team from an independent and objective standpoint.

Outside Director Haruo Miyagi

Established the ETIC. Student Entrepreneur Liaison Conference and served as its Secretary General in 1993. Established the Non-Profit Organization ETIC (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities) and served as its Representative Director in 2000. Became a Part-time Lecturer of Graduate School of Waseda University in 2010. Advised to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2013. Appointed Visiting Professor of Tama Graduate School of Business since 2015, member of the Council on Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy, Headquarters for Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy (currently Office for the Council for the Realization of the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation) of Cabinet Secretariat in 2019. Appointed Outside Director of MEDIA DO since 2022.
Provides pertinent advice from his viewpoint on promotion of business and organizational operation in a broad range of fields, based on his long-standing knowledge and experience gained through fostering and supporting entrepreneurial leaders, and effective supervision of the management team from an independent and objective standpoint.

Outside Director Junko Mokuno

Began career at Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard Company as a system engineer in 1984. Went on to acquire a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Washington in 1989 before joining Arthur D Little Japan in 1991. Joined The Pokémon Company in 2002 as an executive officer mainly in charge of oversee corporate planning, finance, accounting, general affairs, legal affairs, and overseas business divisions. Noteworthy accomplishments by her at this company include acting as the business representative responsible for the development and launch of “Pokémon Daisuki Club.” Became a member of The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., in 2008. Appointed a corporate officer position at Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., in 2015. In recent years, has taken up a number of positions that she continues to serve concurrently today, including becoming a member of the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for DEsign of Social Innovation in Global Networks in 2018 and assuming positions as an outside director of COLOWIDE Co., Ltd.; a managing director of TRAIL INC.; and an advisor at STOCK POINT Inc. in 2019. Joined MEDIA DO and appointed an outside director since May 2023.
She is responsible for providing pertinent advice in regard to advancing Group businesses and branding and marketing activities while also performing effective supervision of the management team from an independent and objective standpoint, capitalizing her extensive experience and insight related to digital marketing strategy formulation and business operation at a diverse range of companies in content and other industries.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board MemberKazuyoshi Ohwada

Joined Sony Audio Corporation (currently Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation) in 1969. Joined MEDIA DO in 2002, and appointed General Manager of the Administration Department of MEDIA DO. Appointed Director and General Manager of the Administration Department of MEDIA DO in 2003, Director and General Manager of the Administration Division of MEDIA DO in 2008, Senior Managing Director and General Manager of the Administration Division of MEDIA DO in 2012, Audit & Supervisory Board Member of MEDIA DO in 2014.

Standing Outside Audit & Supervisory Board MemberMakoto Nakajima

Joined the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in 2000 before becoming a member of ShinNihon & Co. (currently Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC) in 2004. Registered as a certified public accountant in 2008. Joined Hoosiers Holdings Co., Ltd., in 2020 and became head of the internal auditing division of this company in 2021. Appointed a position as an outside Audit & Supervisory Board member at MEDIA DO in May 2023.
She is responsible for contributing to the reinforcement of MEDIA DO’s audit system, capitalizing on her a wealth of specialized insight pertaining to corporate governance, risk management, and accounting based on his experience as an administrative official of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as a certified public accountant, and as the head of the internal auditing division of a listed company.

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board MemberToshiaki Morifuji

Joined ChuoAoyama Audit Corporation in 2003. Joined KPMG AZSA & Co. (currently KPMG AZSA LLC) in 2007, after registering as a certified public accountant in 2007. Established MORIFUJI Certified Public Account Office in 2009 as Director of MORIFUJI Certified Public Account Office. Appointed Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of MEDIA DO in 2010, Nagoya Tax Corporation, Representativeof Nagoya Tax Corporation in 2013.

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board MemberTsuyoshi Shiina

Joined Kimura Law Office at the same time as registering as a lawyer in 2002. Joined Kandabashi Law Office in 2003, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu in 2005, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. in 2011. In 2012, appointed Advisor to the House of Representatives (transferred from Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., appointed to the National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission), Member of the Lower House of Representatives. Appointed Representative of Tsuyoshi Shiina Legal and Tax Accountant Office after registering as a tax accountant in 2014. Appointed Outside Director of Phone Appli Inc., Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of MEDIA DO in 2017.

Executive Officers

Susumu Tsukamoto
Specially Appointed Executive Officer ;
VSC & International Business
Susumu Tsukamoto

Began career in 1980 at TOHAN. Worked 10 years in magazine publishing and 8 years overseas, including as TOHAN TAIWAN president for 4.5 years. Moved to KADOKAWA SHOTEN (now KADOKAWA CORPORATION) in 1998, and established KADOKAWA TAIWAN and was its president. Subsequently involved in setting up local operations in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Thailand, Malaysia and North America. Executive roles at KADOKAWA included director/general manager of KADOKAWA’s Overseas Business Division from 2012, managing executive officer from 2017 and advisor from 2019. Cofounded and appointed director of Japan Manga Alliance in 2015. Joined MEDIA DO in June 2020 as executive officer/CPSO mainly in charge of Overseas Business Department and PUBRID Department (now PUBFUN, Inc., a member of MEDIA DO GROUP). Appointed Senior Executive Officer ; Global Business and Publication Solutions since June 2022. Appointed Specially Appointed Executive Officer ; VSC & International Business since June 2023.
He is responsible for IPO creation and proactive cultivation of overseas markets through, e.g., capital/operational alliances, capitalizing on his wealth of experience in publishing distribution and overseas businesses.

Teruyoshi Ando
Executive Officer ;
IP & Solutions Business
Teruyoshi Ando

Began career at Kadokawa Bunko Distribution Center Co., Ltd. (now Building Book Center Co.,Ltd.) in 1991. Joined Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd. (now KADOKAWA CORPORATION) in 2009 and engaged in business promotion and sales management. Served as Director of BOOK WALKER Co.,Ltd. in 2012, Director of KADOKAWA TAIWAN in 2018, Deputy Director for IP Strategy Bureau of KADOKAWA CORPORATION in 2019, Director of Building Book Center Co.,Ltd., Managing Director of chara-ani corporation and Director of DOCOMO ANIME STORE inc, in 2020. Since joining MEDIA DO in July 2022, serves as Executive Officer ; IP & Solutions Business to promote the IP & solutions business, which is developing in a wide range of areas including vertical scroll comics, and initiatives in partnership with distribution of publications TOHAN CORPORATION.
He is responsible for enhancing the company's presence and revitalizing the publishing industry as a whole, capitalizing his experience in a wide variety of businesses, both publishing and visual, paper and digital, as well as his achievements and experience in business promotion in the content business group.

Ryo Yamada
Executive Officer ;
Corporate Planning
Ryo Yamada

Began career in 1998 at NEC, where his assignments included corporate planning and business development. Hired by Rakuten in 2010. From 2017, headed Rakuten Group’s M&A program as department manager of Corporate Development Department after working in business development. Since joining MEDIA DO in 2018, has served as general manager of Corporate Planning Division and Management Administration Department. Appointed executive officer /general manager of Finance and Accounting Department in 2019 and executive officer/CFO in charge of financial strategy and capital raising in June 2020. Appointed Executive Officer ; Finance since June 2022. Appointed Executive Officer ; Corporate Planning since March 2023.
He is responsible for corporate planning, financing, M&A and PMI to support MEDIA DO Group’s multifaceted and discontinuous growth, capitalizing on his long experience in business development.

Yoichi Chihara
Executive Officer and CHRO*Yoichi Chihara

Began career in 1981 at NEC, where his roles included general manager of HR Department at NEC (China) from 1998, general manager of HR and General Affairs Department at NEC LCD Technologies (now Tianma Japan) from 2003, general manager of NEC’s HR Department from 2012 and managing director of NEC’s corporate pension fund from 2014. Joined MEDIA DO in 2019 as general manager of its HR Department. Appointed executive officer/CHRO in charge of HR, general affairs, legal affairs and corporate governance in June 2020. Appointed Executive Officer and CHRO since June 2022.
He is responsible for boosting both employee satisfaction and workforce productivity while building an organization compatible with diverse values and work styles.
* CHRO:Chief Human Resources Officer

Hajime Suzumura
Executive Officer ;
Group Integration / President & CEO Office / FanTop Business
Hajime Suzumura

Began his career in 2006 at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and worked in corporate sales and general affairs compliance. Hired by a corporate revitalization fund in 2009 and worked in business revitalization investment such as local commercial facilities and PMI. After joining Revamp Corporation in 2014, became CFO in charge of accounting management for the group and corporate listing preparation. Joined MEDIA DO in 2019 as the head of executive office with a role of managing corporate strategies, PR, cross functional and operational reform projects, and local revitalization projects. Appointed as the executive officer/CIO in June 2021, in charge of internal collaboration and company integration mission. Appointed Executive Officer ; Group Integration / President & CEO Office / FanTop Business since June 2022.
He is responsible for company's cross functional work reform, capitalizing his broad experience of various positions in business operation/management divisions, at parent companies and subsidiaries.

Shoichiro Tokoro
Executive Officer ;
Shoichiro Tokoro

Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (now Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC) in 1998 after working in the corporate planning department of a listed company. Engaged in accounting audits of listed companies as an audit senior manager. Joined Peach Aviation Limited in 2015 and served as the Accounting Department Manager and the Accounting and Finance Office Manager. Built Japan's first LCC business management infrastructure. Since joining MEDIA DO in 2020 as Senior Manager of the Accounting Department, responsible for overall accounting operations. Appointed Senior Manager of the Accounting Department in 2022. Appointed Executive Officer ; Accounting in June of the same year.
He is responsible for the company's all accounting and counting management, a foundation of the company, capitalizing on his experience and knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, and business administration as a certified public accountant-qualified financial accounting professional.

Shoichiro Tokoro
Executive Officer and CIO*Kaname Nakano

Joined MEDIA DO in 2009 after gaining experience in the open technology development division of a listed company. Involved in the development of eBook distribution systems, eventually assuming the position of general manager of the Engineering Department in 2016. Left MEDIA DO in 2018 to join BITZ Co., Ltd., where he would oversee the development division as a director. Rejoined MEDIA DO in September 2021 as general manager of the Engineering Division to enhance MEDIA DO’s wholesale system development capabilities. Appointed the positions of general manager of the Information Security Management Division in December 2022 and then general manager of the IT Management Division in March 2023. Appointed executive officer and CIO since June 2023.
He is responsible for leveraging his experience in developing eBook distribution systems and managing engineer organizations to formulate and promote Groupwide IT strategies. * CIO:Chief Information Officer