Head Office

In July 2016, MEDIA DO moved into its new head office in the Palaceside Building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Designed by renowned architect Shoji Hayashi, the Palaceside Building is an important work in Japan’s architectural tradition. Moreover, this building houses the Tokyo head office of The Mainichi Newspapers Co., which boasts a long history, and is contributing to the prosperity of central Tokyo while existing in harmony with the rich natural bounty of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

The entrance of MEDIA DO’s office reproduces the elegant curves and lines that exemplify the aesthetic of the Palaceside Building, with a large circular bench, a 12-meter-long straight counter, and a panel made from Kitosugi Tokushima-grown cedar that displays an exquisite design consisting of lines and curves.
The design of our head office is based on the theme of respect and sustainability, embodying MEDIA DO’s commitment to respecting all creative works, whether they be the Palaceside Building, from the publishing industry, or some other creation, and to becoming a sustainable company that contributes to cultural development.



Meeting Space


Seminar Room and Work Space


Area around the Head Office