Message From the CEO

Yasushi Fujita
To deliver more content for more people
We, the MEDIA DO Group, are engaged in business activities to contribute to the development of culture and the creation of an affluent society in Japan, with the mission of "Unleashing a virtuous cycle of literary creation" by distributing written works as widely as possible with our own power and returning profits to authors under fair use.

In addition to the development of solutions necessary for digital distribution of written works on the Internet, we are working to build and upgrade its know-how for the operation and management of the digital content. This includes the creation of new value through transforming into actual assets of the digital content, using blockchain and other advanced technologies.

At present, COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a major transformation in the nature of reality, both in the physical and the digital realm. This is changing the base of our society and industrial structure, and our lifestyles beyond national and regional borders. Therefore, we recognize the urgent need to change the way we provide our value to all our stakeholders.

Against these changes, we will continue to take on the challenge of digital transformation of ourselves, and put it into practices in order to deliver to an even wider audience the many works that authors have produced and will create in the future.
Yasushi Fujita
Yasushi Fujita
President and CEO