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MEDIA DO stores and distributes eBook content on behalf of hundreds of publishers including major publishers. MEDIA DO makes available all kinds of trade eBooks from comics, fiction and nonfiction books to photo-books and magazines. MEDIA DO also provides detailed professional consultation to all level of clients on eBook distribution business. Our solutions facilitate client business including front- and back-end systems.

For content providers

Outstanding performance: MEDIA DO’s extensive publishing network consisting of more than 1,500 publishers enables distribution of the latest and most popular eBooks. A wide variety of comics, fiction/non-fiction titles as well as photo-books and magazines are available from catalogs of major and medium- to small-size publishers.

Zero downtime system operation: MEDIA DO’s own content distribution and database system with its high-level architecture, “md-dc,” has been operating with nearly zero downtime (99.999%) based on 24/7 manned monitoring. The md-dc employs Oracle Exadata that enables eBook retailers to expeditiously deliver large data content to customers.

Fastest content delivery: Newly released content from all the publishers is uploaded to our system immediately upon release in optimized formats. eBook retailers can deliver such new content to customers immediately.

For content holders

Large-scale distribution network guarantees increase in sales: MEDIA DO’s massive distribution network based on more than 100 companies including major mobile carriers, rapidly growing Internet companies, and established book retail stores will promptly realize an increase of content sales for publishers.
Due to the expected rapid growth of the eBook market, new entrants from various industries are anticipated. We welcome the entrants to participate in our distribution network and will provide them with our extensive know-how so that they can quickly develop effective eBook services for consumers. Our system and the ever-expanding distribution network will contribute to securing the continued growth of business of the publishers.

DRM and reading system management securing robust content protection: Our in-house developed system, “md-dc,” is thoroughly adapted to the DRMs prevailing in the industry applied at content downloading, which results in zero content data leakage. This will prevent publishers and authors from loss of sales due to piracy of the content. Regarding the reading system provided to eBook retailers on by md-dc, they are solely quality-checked by MEDIA DO. Therefore, publishers can offer eBook distribution with a totally secure environment to authors.

Real-time data reporting: On the dashboard provided to publishers, real-time management of content distribution and downloading is enabled based on the labels for eBooks such as retailers, content title, and authors. Real-time management will allow publishers to review and revise distribution and promotional strategies without delay.

Deliver as much content as possible to the largest number of people.

MEDIA DO is the vanguard of eBook distributors advancing the copyrighted digital content business. Everybody is enlightened by the wisdom of books from childhood. As stated in the opening statement of the copyright law, “giving due regard to the fair exploitation of these cultural products, and by doing so, to contribute to the development of culture,” it stands to reason that our culture and society will not grow without copyright protection. In this modern society, people’s communication and access to copyrighted work is all associated with an infrastructure based on Internet technology.
MEDIA DO develops solutions to promote distribution of digitized copyrighted work and cultivates know-how to optimize operations. Based on our solutions, we maximize the opportunities to deliver as much precious content as possible to the largest number of people.
We shall facilitate distribution through the fair use of copyrighted work to realize the highest returns to the copyright holders. We advocate the idea of “materializing a creative cycle of sound copyrighted work” as our business principle, and shall contribute to the development of culture and the creation of an affluent society.

Yasushi Fujita, Chief Executive Officer