1. Basic Policies

The MEDIA DO Group (comprised of MEDIA DO Co., Ltd., and its consolidated subsidiaries) recognizes that human resources are its most important asset and the driving force behind its business in its pursuit of ongoing growth.

Accordingly, we are advancing human resource initiatives with three focuses: recruiting diverse human resources that understand MEDIA DO’s mission, vision, and values as required for its businesses; providing opportunities and outlets for human resources to fully exercise their skills; and enabling human resources to grow while contributing to our business by pursuing their own personal missions.

(1) Human Resource Management Mission
The MEDIA DO Group shall empower all employees with a sense of purpose and develop human resources that can contribute to society.

(2) Human Resource Strategies Based on Vision
The MEDIA DO Group strives to fulfill its management vision through high-quality human resource management activities while improving employee engagement.

(3) Values Shared among Employees
The MEDIA DO Group shall instill employees with the stance and values that it emphasizes in order to fulfill its mission and realize its vision.

Decisions regarding the amendment or abolishment of the Basic Human Resource Policy are to be made based on resolution by the Board of Directors.

2. Human Resource Recruitment Policies

MEDIA DO’s basic policy is to conduct fair recruitment activities based on the qualities and skills required of the given position, and wide-ranging job application opportunities are provided with no restrictions placed on nationality, gender, age, or educational background.

Place of residence, religion, and other attributes that do not affect an individual’s skills or aptitudes are not considered during paper screening or interviews. In addition, training and manuals for interviewers are being enhanced to ensure that their hiring decisions are always impartial.

3. Human Resource Management Policies

- Proactive Evaluation, Compensation, and Development Cycle -
The Company’s compensation systems are centered on performance evaluations and thus determine salaries based on action expectations defined for each job grade and commitments set in individual annual performance plans.

Supervisors share information on their organization’s targets and challenges with members of their team, and team members make commitments to their supervisor regarding the targets they will pursue in the following fiscal year. In this manner, targets set with the understanding of both individuals and their supervisors are used to determine individual salaries for the following fiscal year.

Moreover, supervisors are expected to motivate and support the growth of members of their team through their efforts to fulfill MEDIA DO’s mission and thereby achieve their organization’s targets.

4. Human Resource Development Policy

MEDIA DO sets lofty targets on a Companywide basis in order to facilitate the creation of mutually beneficial win–win relationships through which the growth of individuals drives the growth of the Company. We are enhancing our wide assortment of on-the-job and off-the-job training programs to allow employees to develop their careers and acquire skills as necessary to contribute to society through the provision of high levels of value. We thereby aim to foster human resources with a penchant for solving problems by leveraging specialized knowledge, sophisticated techniques, and impeccable ingenuity.

5. Diversity Promotion Policy

MEDIA DO takes a view of diversity that looks beyond external attributes like gender, nationality, and age to include such internal characteristics as experience, individuality, skills, and values. With this view, we hope to leverage the diverse characteristics and skills of our human resources in order to achieve ongoing improvements in corporate value.

This policy forms the foundation for the human resource strategies that the MEDIA DO Group will implement to combine the diversity and skills of employees and build an organization capable of creating new value.

Established on October 13, 2021

Yasushi FUjita President and CEO

President and CEO