Basic Policy

MEDIA DO’s corporate creed states that “all people have limitless potential and can grow with time” and that “MEDIA DO will continue to grow so long as its people grow.” As indicated by these statements, we view human resources as indispensable to the ongoing growth of the Company.

Moreover, we seek to fulfill our mission of “unleashing a virtuous cycle of literary creation” and thereby realize our vision of “More Content for More People!” Moving forward with this mission requires all employees to acquire expertise and experience through their work and for us to utilize our corporate culture as a foundation for fully capitalizing on the growth and potential of our employees. Acting in accordance with this basic policy, we will seek to create environments that allow all employees to achieve independence and demonstrate their growth and potential as they take the initiative in tackling new challenges.

For more information, please refer to below.otherwise and thereby contribute continually to the evolution and development of society. The growth of the business of the MEDIA DO Group is linked to the ongoing and harmonious development of society as well as to the growth of the publishing industry. For this reason, we recognize that it is important for our business activities and services to contribute to the healthy economic development as well as to the enrichment of culture and society. Going forward, the MEDIA DO Group will continue to pursue growth through business activities matched to contemporary trends and changes while leveraging its unique strengths to generate social value.

- MEDIA DO Group Human Rights Policy
- Human Resource Basic Policy

Human Resource Recruitment and Development Strategies

We leave the door open for engineers, business development staff, sales and planning personnel, and a wide range of other personnel year-round, actively welcoming individuals with specialized skills from a variety of backgrounds. We have continued to recruit new university graduates each year for more than 11 years, and such individuals are nurtured so that they can become core members of the Company after joining.

In addition, we have reinvented our human resource evaluation and compensation systems to better stimulate the growth of both our business and our people. The new systems define action expectations for specific positions and ranks and clearly identify the experience, specialized knowledge, and other qualities required for each position and level. This degree of clarity makes readily apparent the direction that each individual should pursue in their desired career path and the next step to take. Supervisors use action expectations to guide the growth of subordinates in a wide range of situations, such as when assigning work and requesting training program participation. In the future, the Company will look to diversify employment patterns through means such as introducing job-type evaluation and compensation systems for certain positions. At the same time, we are cultivating human resource development frameworks that will contribute to the reinforcement of MEDIA DO’s operational foundation by enhancing talent management practices and systematic human resource development programs.

Three-Year Human Resource Strategy Framework

New Values and Human Resource Evaluation and Compensation Systems

Following the March 2019 merger of the former MEDIA DO Co., Ltd., and Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan Co., Ltd., the Company established a set of values to be shared throughout the organization, to clarify the stance and principles we will embrace in our efforts to fulfill our mission and realize our vision. In conjunction with the introduction of these values, new human resource evaluation and compensation systems were introduced withour mission, vision, and values (MVV) at the core of evaluations. These systems were put into effect in the fiscal year ending February 28, 2021.

One of the characteristics subject to evaluation under the new systems is the degree to which an employee acts in accordance with MEDIA DO’s 18 Stances, which indicate our stances toward business and were defined together with our values. This approach was taken to create frameworks that enable the growth of both our business and individuals and encourage employee independence, and that otherwise help us to develop a human resource base that is suited to our business portfolio.

- About our mission, vision, and values