The mission of the MEDIA DO Group (comprised of MEDIA DO Co., Ltd., and its consolidated subsidiaries) is “unleashing a virtuous cycle of literary creation” and contributing to the digital distribution of written works. Fulfilling this mission requires the development of systems that can be used by a wide range of stakeholders, including creators, publishers, distributors, and users (readers), without concern regarding their safety.

Information security is an important management priority to be addressed by MEDIA DO Group with regard to the development and enhancement of such systems as well as to the appropriate and smooth advancement of business activities.

Based on this recognition, the Basic Information Security Policy was established to guide efforts to safeguard all information assets in the Group’s care against unauthorized access, crimes, negligence, natural disasters, and various other threats.

Decisions regarding the amendment or abolishment of this policy are to be made based on resolution by the Board of Directors.

1. Information Security Management System
The MEDIA DO Group shall implement an information security management system and develop and enhance organizations for responding to information security threats in order to improve the effectiveness of this system.

2. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Internal Rules
All MEDIA DO Group officers and employees shall comply with information security-related laws and government policies as well as with relevant internal rules.

3. Information Security Education
The MEDIA DO Group shall perform regular information security education for employees to entrench and improve its information security initiatives.

4. Safeguarding of Information Assets
The MEDIA DO Group shall implement appropriate security measures to safeguard all information assets in its care, including both its own assets and the personal information and other information assets entrusted to it by such external stakeholders as publishers and distributors, assets against threats including natural disasters, unauthorized access, destruction, damage, leakage, alteration, theft, and impediment to use.

5. Response to Incidents
The MEDIA DO Group shall institute measures to prevent information security incidents. In the event of an incident, swift action will be taken to identify the cause, respond to the incident, and implement measures for preventing reoccurrence.

6. Review and Improvement
The MEDIA DO Group shall conduct ongoing reviews of activities based on the aforementioned items in order to pursue improvements.

Established on October 13, 2021

Yasushi FUjita President and CEO

President and CEO