Basic Policy

The MEDIA DO Group’s mission is to provide the social infrastructure necessary for robust cultural development and thereby support sound digital distribution and a creation cycle for written works. The development of frameworks and systems that are deemed secure and reliable by creators, publishers, stores, users (readers), and other stakeholders is imperative to accomplishing this mission. Alongside the development and reinforcement of these systems, information security is an important management priority for ensuing smooth and appropriate business activities. Information security has thus been positioned as a management priority to be addressed on a Companywide basis. Accordingly, we work to safeguard all Company information systems and information assets against threats including unauthorized access, crimes, negligence, and natural disasters while also ensuring the confidentially, completeness, and accessibility of information.

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- Basic Information Security Policy

Information Security Management System

At MEDIA DO, the Director, CSO and CFO has been assigned responsibility for overseeing information security management. Positioned under the Director, CSO and CFO, the Executive Officer and CIO has been designated as the information security manager. These individuals guide ongoing efforts to improve Groupwide information security by developing frameworks for managing and monitoring network and system operations. The Director, CSO and CFO works to develop effective information security management systems with regard to the handling of information systems and information assets and the formulation and implementation of strategies. By examining these systems to confirm that they accommodate changes to the regulatory and operating environments based on annual plans, the Director, CSO and CFO helps ensure that systems are effective while communicating with management on this subject. Meanwhile, the Executive Officer and CIO exercises their responsibility for information security management throughout the MEDIA DO Group by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) related to a number of information security tasks and overseeing these tasks based on the indicators. Examples of these tasks include the management of confidential information and information systems, the establishment and implementation of information security regulations, the execution of safety measures, and the arrangement of information security training.