Basic Policy

MEDIA DO’s name encapsulates the Company’s desire to become a medium that unites forms of value that would not have come together otherwise and thereby contribute continually to the evolution and development of society. Moreover, we are committed to creating a system in which written works, which are condensed forms of human wisdom, are distributed to our utmost ability, while ensuring that they are used under fair conditions, and that the profits from these works are appropriately returned to their creators. This is our mission as well as part of our corporate philosophy.

Given this stance, harmonious and mutual development is indispensable to the business growth of the MEDIA DO Group. At the same time, we believe that our business activities and services contribute to healthy economic development as well as to the enrichment of culture and society. Going forward, everyone at the MEDIA DO Group will continue their concerted efforts to realize business growth through dynamic corporate activities while leveraging the strengths and characteristics of the Group to generate social value.

Unleashing of a Virtuous Cycle of Literary Creation

Development and Reinforcement of Frameworks That Can Be Reliably and Confidently Used by Authors, Publishers, Distributors, and Users (Readers)
As the No. 1 domestic eBook distribution company, MEDIA DO is involved in the development of international standards for eBooks, the fight against piracy websites, research on reader accessibility, and other initiatives to develop frameworks that enable all stakeholders to use eBooks confidently and reliably.

The EPUB* format, developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), is widely used as the international standard for eBooks. As the IDPF has been incorporated into the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), this organization is now responsible for the maintenance of the EPUB format. To lend further strength to this movement, MEDIA DO established the Advanced Publishing Laboratory, in concert with the Keio Research Institute at SFC, the East Asian arm of W3C, and four major publishers. Through this organization, we are promoting research and education on the expansion of online Japanese character displays, improvement of reader accessibility, and other aspects concerned with the future of publishing. Furthermore, we officially joined W3C in December 2018, ramping up our efforts to provide advice on the development of international eBook standards through means such as having a Group employee appointed as the Asian co-chair of the Publishing Business Group of W3C. We are also seeking to inject a perspective based on non-Western culture into the digitization efforts of the overall publishing industry.

MEDIA DO is charged with the mission of continuously protecting the frameworks that support the ongoing creation of high-quality content and provide users with a safe environment that can be used with confidence to enjoy this content. This mission shapes our dedication to combating piracy websites. In tandem with government regulatory reform, the publishing industry has been engaged in a campaign to have the Authorized Books of Japan (ABJ) certification mark displayed on websites that distribute authorized eBooks. Another step forward was taken in this campaign against piracy with the establishment of ABJ, an organization tasked with advancing anti-piracy measures that go beyond ABJ mark certification. A director of the Company serves as representative director of this organization, and we are also taking other steps to accelerate joint initiatives with the industry.

MEDIA DO is keenly aware of the responsibility that its position in the eBook publishing industry entails, a responsibility that it fulfills with resolute determination. Coordinating with publishers, eBook distributors, Internet providers, telecommunications companies, and other allies, we fight to eradicate piracy websites and develop an environment in which creators can feel at ease in producing highquality content. In this way, we aim to contribute to the growth of the overall publishing industry.

* An open file format for eBooks

Community Contribution and Regional Development (Contributions to Social Enrichment)

Support for Entrepreneurship to Contribute to Regional Development (TIB)

Japan currently faces a number of serious social issues, including the contraction of its workforce and the rapid aging of its population. Recognizing these issues, MEDIA DO is actively promoting regional development to ensure that Japan can hand down an energized society with the potential to grow to future generations. In this endeavor, an issue that needs to be addressed can be seen in the trend toward people and companies gathering in major urban centers as high-quality information is accumulated therein, a situation that results in a reverse trend in regions outside of such urban centers, causing widening information gaps between these areas.

Part of MEDIA DO’s efforts to address this issue was the establishment in January 2020 of TOKUSHIMA INNOVATION BASE ASSOCIATION (TIB) in Tokushima Prefecture, where Founder and President Yasushi Fujita was born. Created jointly with local media and financial institutions, TIB is charged with the mission of supporting entrepreneurs. TIB seeks to become a place where people driven by an entrepreneurial spirit can gather to form trusting relationships and provide mutual support. To this end, TIB offers co-working spaces as well as opportunities for learning from entrepreneurs who have already achieved success. Furthermore, TIB coordinates with universities and government organization with the intent of concentrating information and insight in Tokushima Prefecture and thereby attracting people to the region. TIB also collaborates with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global entrepreneur organization that has attracted participation by approximately 14,000 entrepreneurs from across the world and generates annual revenue in excess of ¥100 million.

TIB is actively developing an environment that will enable entrepreneurs to foster their peers and that gives form to the concept on which it was established: encouraging Tokushima entrepreneurs to change Japan from their home region and eventually amaze the world.