Basic Policy

MEDIA DO Co., Ltd., recognizes the following as important management issues to be addressed as its management grows increasingly more global: The expedition and streamlining of management decisions to facilitate the further broadening of its business and the improvement of corporate value and the improvement of management health and transparency through enhanced corporate governance. Entrenching corporate ethics and awareness of these principles throughout the Company will be imperative to improving the health of management. By fostering such awareness, MEDIA DO aims to develop a corporate culture in which all internal institutions, officers, and employees make fair and accurate decisions. Improving management transparency, meanwhile, will require prompt and proactive disclosure of information. Systems for information disclosure are therefore being enhanced toward this end. Going forward, the Company will continue to enhance its organization in the pursuit of more effective corporate governance.

Corporate Governance System

At the Company, the Board of Directors has the highest authority for management decision-making while the Audit & Supervisory Board carries out the management oversight function. In addition, the Company’s Executive Committee is a committee of similar standing to the Board of Directors, with the former associated with the operational execution functions of directors and executive officers and the latter involved in management decision-making and operation oversight functions. This division of functions contributes to increased efficiency in operational execution. All outsideAudit & Supervisory Board members have been designated as independent auditors as stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while the two outside directors are designated as independent directors.

This composition makes it possible for outside Audit & Supervisory Board members to audit the operational execution of directors with operational execution functions (executive directors) from the perspectives of legal compliance and appropriateness. Similarly, outside directors are able to exert influence on executive directors through the supervision of their exercise of voting rights at meetings of the Board of Directors and the appropriateness of these decisions. With all officers performing their functions in this manner, the Company is working to improve management health and transparency so that it can enhance corporate value through the exercise of its corporate philosophy while paying due consideration to the interests of general shareholders.

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