Basic Policy

The MEDIA DO Group’s mission is “unleashing a virtuous cycle of literary creation” and its vision is “More Content for More People!” These principles exemplify our commitment to building a social ecosystem founded on co-creation among the creators and publishers who produce written works, the users of these works, the eBook distributors that serve as points of contacts between these two, and the Group, which functions as an intermediary between these parties.

Accordingly, sustainability for the MEDIA DO Group entails a concerted effort by all officers and employees to carry out their business activities based on a sense of responsibility and pride toward the contributions made by the Group’s businesses and services. These contributions support the development of a healthy economy and the cultural advances stimulated by written works. Based on this belief, we seek to address social and environmental issues, such as those identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through management practices and strategies founded on our mission and vision. In addition, we view business opportunities and risks through the lens of environmental, social, and governance issues as we pursue increased corporate value by helping to resolve social issues while achieving steady growth.

Priority Activity Themes