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Yasushi Fujita, Cheif Executive Officer

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our shareholders for their tremendous pleasure.

As of September 1, 2017, the Company became MEDIA DO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. from MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. ,and has shifted to a holding company structure. The e-book distribution business and e-library business which was carried out by MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. up until now will be inherited by MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. established today as a wholly owned subsidiary of MEDIA DO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

MEDIA DO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. will be a holding company that binds a total of 12 companies, comprised of eight consolidated subsidiaries and four equity-applied companies, including MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. and Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan Co., Ltd. which became a wholly owned subsidiary in June 2017, acting as strategic function and management function for each group companies and will continue to oversee the business of entire group with the aim of maximizing corporate value as a listed company.

The domestic e-publishing market is still growing rapidly, and it is expected to reach 348 billion JPY in 2020. With the Tokyo Olympic approaching, where Japan is receiving attention from all over the world, opportunities for foreigners to be exposed to Japanese culture are likely to increase, and with great expectation given to Japanese contents the market is expected to further prosper.
However, due to problems such as piracy, licensing, translation, etc., it seems that the expansion of domestic content to the world market of e-book distribution is yet to be developed.

In order to respond to this market environment, we have shifted to a holding company structure to promote creative business development through swift and successful decision-making and business strategies based on business philosophy that encourages sustainable growth focusing on the following three items.

(1) Strengthen group strategy functions
By separating group's overall strategy and decision-making from the execution of duties in each business domain, we will improve the management efficiency of the entire group and improve the speed of decision-making. In addition, by promoting new business development including M&A, strengthening the functions for research and development of next-generation technology, and optimizing allocation of management resources within the group, we will drive to realize the integrated group strategy.

(2) Promotion of creative business development by each group companies
By delegating authority and responsibility to each group companies, we aim to speed up decision-making and also to establish an organizational structure which allows to implement business strategies and face challenges that matches the market environment, thus driving overall growth by the new “created value" from the field.

(3) Securing and training excellent talent
Securing and training talented personnel is an important task for our group's growth. Each group companies that have clearer management responsibilities by shifting to a holding company structure will secure human resources with professional skillsets and will promote the training of leaders for strengthening management. We hope to secure and nurture the next generation leaders, necessary for achieving the future growth strategy from the practices of each group companies as a whole group.

We plan to unify our will as ”MEDIA DO GROUP" and work hard to maximize synergies through management integration to promote more dynamic development, so we appreciate all of our shareholders for your continued support.

Representative Director and Group CEO Yasushi Fujita

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