Business Reports are booklets containing messages from the president and recent topics primarily geared toward shareholders focused on business strategies, business progress reports, and financial highlights. These reports were previously published quarterly or biannually, but the Company has only issued an interim report since the fiscal year ended February 29, 2020, due to the start of publication of integrated reports.

Latest Version
MEDIA DO Business Report FY2021/1H

Reporting Period : 1H of FY2021(Mar.1, 2021 - Aug.31, 2021)
PDF format : 2,339 KB

1. To All of Our Stakeholders - Message form CEO
2. SPECIAL FEATURE - Digital Transformation and Evolution of the Publishing Industry Accelerated by FanTop
3. Consolidated Financial Highlights / Consolidated Financial Statements(Condensed)
4. Topics In The Six Months Ended August 31, 2021 / Stock Information
5. Company Outline